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The aim of the project is to achieve climate friendly and energy efficient development of the Indian Megacity of Hyderabad by transforming its institutions and governance structures onto a development path that will enable it to become a „Low Emission City” by the year of 2025. This is operationalised through practical engagement with three cross-cutting issues: Impact paths: Temperature Change and Change in Water Availability & Rainfall Patterns, Lifestyle Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emission and Climate Change as well as Energy Management for Hyderabad. Meeting the objective requires that formal attention be given to the integration of observations associated with a variety of distinct thematic areas, among which strong interdependencies exist.

Here you can download the latest milestone reports.

Milestone Report 2010
Milestone Report 2009

Here you find a list of all project deliverables (abstract or full document as PDF): 


Deliverables 2010

Deliverables 2009

They are part of the regular Milestone Reports and not all of them are publicly available. However, if you have a particular interest into one of these papers, they are avaliable on request. Do not hesitate to contact the authors for a copy (See Project Structure).