Citizens’ exhibition focuses on conflicts in public space and seeks for solutions

As Hyderabad is a rapidly growing megacity, public spaces are disappearing, especially in older parts of the city. Motorised transport requires much space, which is missed by pedestrians and street vendors. The increasing traffic poses a problem for many citizens. The Citizens’ exhibition focuses on Begum Bazaar, a historical wholesale market area in Hyderabad, a place with little open space but ever increasing traffic. How do businesses and people organise the use of public space and transportation of persons and goods? How do people live with the impacts of motorized transportation? What can or must be improved? The exhibition represents perspectives, ideas and solutions of businessmen, employess, street vendors, residents and many more.

The Citizens’ exhibition was set up for two days (January 24 and 25, 2013) at a stage in the middle of the busy market area, open and visible for everyone. It has been inaugurated on January 24 together with GHMC corporator of Begum Bazaar Shanker Yadav, and Ward Comittee members. Tobias Kuttler represented nexus and the Sustainable Hyderabad project team.After the sucessful Citizens’ exhibition in Tarnaka Ward in 2009, this is the second exhibition of this kind in Hyderabad. It was developed by Tobias Kuttler, in cooperation with Dr. Angela Jain and Dr. Bhaskar Poldas.

The brochure of the exhibition can be downloaded here.

You can download the flyer here.

The exhibition will be once again displayed at the occasion of the Final Conference of the Megacity Project, 16th February 2013 at Zoroastrian Club, Secunderabad.

For more information please contact Tobias Kuttler: or Dr. Angela Jain:

Before the inauguration: Waiting for the arrival of Corporator Shanker Yadav (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

Tobias Kuttler inaugurates the exhibition on behalf of nexus institute and Sustainable Hyderabad (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

Participants represented in the exhibition receive mementos by the corporator and ward comittee members (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

In discussion with the visitors (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

The exhibition was visited by locals as well as citizens from other parts of the city (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

After visiting the exhibition every visitor was asked to provide more suggestions for improvement in Begum Bazaar (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)

Visitors make use of the exhibition`s audio guide (Photo: Theresa Zimmermann)