Here you find an extract of the recent media coverage on the project in India and Germany.

March 31 2016, Deccan Herald (Print and Online) -- Group captive plants can solve industrial units' power woes (newspaper article on energy sector studies of Ranjan Ghosh)

May 31 2014, Deccan Chronicle (Print and Online) -- Small economic incentives don't encourage public transport (newspaper article on mode choice experiment led by PhD student Bhuvanachithra Chidambaram)

Jun 24 2013, Ennadu (Print) -- Capacitors save power (Article on Capacitor Project in Telugu)

Apr 26 2013, Various Local Newspapers (Print) -- Various articles on Capacitor Project (in Telugu)

Apr 26 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- More than a fad (newspaper article on Nina Osswald and her newly published book on organic food in urban India)

Feb 2013, Tarnaka Times February 2013 -- Reports on Community Radio Project and other activities of "Sustainable Hyderabad"

Feb 19 2013, ABN Andhra Jyothi News Channel (TV) -- Upcoming Problems in Hyderabad (news report on climate change and the project)

Feb 19 2013, Sakshi (Print and Online) -- Small capacitors with big effects (newspaper article in Telugu on the Capacitor Pilot Project)

Feb 18 2013, Deccan Chronicle (Print and Online) -- Hyderabad has fewer slums than is claimed: German study (newspaper article on slum detection study done by PIK)

Feb 17 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- ‘Go solar’ is the new mantra for GHMC chief (newspaper article on solar panel use in Hyderabad)

Feb 16 2013, Various newspaper (Print) -- click here (various newspaper articles on final conference and PAP in Telugu)

Feb 16 2013, The Times of India (Print) -- Conserve greenery, water bodies: Experts (newspaper article on results of the project)

Feb 16 2013, Deccan Chronicle (Print and Online) -- Civic body wants builders to keep 10% layout open (newspaper article on results of the project)

Feb 16 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- ‘Control climate change impact to render Hyderabad a better city’ (newspaper article on results of the project)

Feb 15 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- Nature goes to school, all repackaged (newspaper article on ESL PP)

Jan 31 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- Street vendors whip up a recipe for success (newspaper article on street food research and pilot project I)

Jan 31 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- The rewards of cleanliness (newspaper article on street food research and pilot project II)

Jan 31 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- Street food as a tool of women’s empowerment (newspaper article on street food research and pilot project III)

Jan 27 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- Jostling and loving it (newspaper article on Citizens' Exhibition 'Right of Way - Right to Stay' at Begum Bazaar)

Jan 10 2013, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- Street food vendors need care (newspaper article on street food workshop)

November 29 2012, Berliner Zeitung (Print) -- Ein HU-Projekt erprobt die genossenschaftliche Nutzung von Strom (Interview with Markus Hanisch on Capacitor Pilot Project, page 29)

November 15 2012, HUMBOLDT 56(2) (Print and Online) -- Wasser marsch! Wie Wissenschaftler helfen, die elektrische Bewässerung im indischen Andhra Pradesh zu verbessern (Article in German from Eva Brunner on Capacitor Pilot Project, see page 3)

October 11 2012, Times of India Hyderabad (Print and Online) -- Tarnaka residents to launch radio service (Article on Community Radio Pilot Project)

October 2012, TRANSFER -- Das Steinbeis Magazin (Print and Online) -- Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe: Steinbeis ist Partner im Hyderabad Megacity-Projekt (Article on Pilot Projects and Partnership with Steinbeis India, see pages 12-13)

July 26 2012, Financial Times (Online) -- Spark of Inspiration (Article on indoor air pollution and LPG pilot project with information from Christine Werthmann, RESS)

July 13 2012, Deutsche Welle (Online) -- Nachhaltig leben in Hyderabad (Article on pilot projects and perspective action plan)

March 13 2012, Der Spiegel (Online) -- Verkehrskonzepte der Zukunft: Apokalypse Stau (Article in German on traffic congestion in megacities with interview contribution of Christoph Walther, PTV)

March 2 2012, Fürther Nachrichten (Print and Online) -- Im Einsatz für eine bessere Welt (Article in German on Susanne Schultz' engagement in the PP 'Education for Sustainable Lifestyles')

Feb 2012, Tarnaka Times February 2012 -- Small Report on Research Activities of Jennifer Meyer-Ueding in Tarnaka (see Page 4)

Feb 2012, HUMBOLDT 4/2012 (Print and Online) -- Von Vertrauen zu Gaskochern: Wie Kooperation unter Stadtbewohnern zur Vermeidung von Klimawandel beitragen kann (Christine Werthmann on LPG PP, in German, see Page 5)

Feb 6 2012, Inadu Karimnagar and Andhrajyoothi -- Two Articles in Telugu on Pump Irrigation PP, Article 1 Article 2

Jan 30 2012, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- March on green warriors (newspaper article on PP 'Education for Sustainable Lifestyles')

Jan 26 2012, Telugu Newspapers -- Two Articles in Telugu on Green Week of PP 'Education for Sustainable Lifestyles', Article 1 Article 2

Jan 26 2012, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- ‘Green School Award' announced (newspaper article on PP 'Education for Sustainable Lifestyles')

Jan 22 2012, The Hindu (Print and Online) -- German Researchers Show the Way (newspaper article on pilot projects)

Feb 20 2011, The Hindu (Online) -- Call to promote street-side food (article on a meeting of – among others – NGOs, representatives of the Food and Nutrition Board to discuss issues like hygiene and safety in street food)

Oct 5 2010, Eenadu (Telugu) -- Make the healthy choice an easy choice (newspaper article on the Indo-German workshop on food and health - Oct 4, 2010)

Oct 2 2010, The Hindu -- German scholars call on KCR (newspaper article on a meeting with the president of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi party, K. Chandrashekar Rao)

Oct 1 2010, The Hindu (Online) -- Spare a thought for pedestrians (article on the workshop 'Walkable City Hyderabad', co-organized by PTV and Nexus)

Oct 2010, Tarnaka Times 69(2) -- Strategies of Civil Society Action Plan: A supplement to the Bali Action Plan, adopted under the U.N. Framework Convention for Climate Change (article on the participation of Dr. Rao.V.B.J. Chelikani in the Essen Conference)

Sep 28 2010, The Hindu -- Regulations shall not impede development (newspaper article on the International Workshop 2010)

Sep 2010, India Contact (German) -- Pilotprojekt gestartet: Solarenergie für Schulen (article in India Contact - a German business journal on India - on the recently started solar pilot project)

Feb 20 2010, Press Release from the Government of Andhra Pradesh -- Policy Learning: New Master Plan for Hyderabad includes Climate Change Impacts (press release of the Chief Minister on a meeting with a delegation from the 'Sustainable Hyderabad' project, supplemented by a workshop document on the achievement of the project to integrate the demands of the 'National Action Plan on Climate Change' and its eight missions into Hyderabad's new 'City Development Master Plan')