Doctoral School

All PhD students of the project follow a standardized training procedure in form of a doctoral school. In order to organize these trainings and the supervision of PhD students, the Division of Resource Economics has developed a Training and Supervision Plan. On a compulsory base, all PhD students from the Megacity project are attending and contributing to the weekly research colloquia of the Division of Resource Economics. Additionally, one time per semester there is a special research colloquium only for presentations of the Megacity PhD students. These sessions are open to the rest of the division and guests.

Apart from that, all PhD students are participating in the Graduate School of Agricultural Economics for a total of 30 credits. Students can choose from a large number of offered courses. However, in order to strengthen theoretical and methodological knowledge on Institutional Economics and the Environment everybody is asked to attend part I and part II of the course offered by Prof. Hagedorn and other members of the division.

On 8 July 2011 the first HIP Workshop took place from 3 pm to 7 pm. The aim of this workshop – and HIP more generally – was information exchange of Indian-related projects at the Humboldt University.