Master Students

The project integrates Master students into the research and education process in various ways. Especially students from the master program of "Integrated Natural Resource Management" are invited to contribute to the project. Master students with a special interest into water resources research can apply for scholarships within the "International Postgraduate Studies in Water Technologies Program" (IPSWaT).

All project researchers frequently report and discuss their results as part of the Master program's lectures organised by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research or the Division of Resource Economics.

A large number of topics for Master theses or Study Projects are offered to students. The opportunity to join a research team and to conduct empirical research in close collaboration with experienced researchers reaches a high acceptance among Master students. This opportunity has been frequently used and already resulted in a number of Master theses written within the Megacity project. To organise and finance field research trips to Hyderabad Master students are supported in their application process for additional fundings from foundations. In practically all cases such attempts were successful and enabled the students to conduct their research in India.

Ongoing Theses (Extract):

Erin Schafranek (2011): CSR in India – Environmental and Climate Change issues (working title) (M.Sc.)

Martin Budde (2011): Klimawandelprojektionen für die Region Hyderabad auf der Basis aller IPCC AR4-AOGCM-Resultate und lokaler Stationsdaten (M.Sc.)

Completed Theses (Extract):

Anke Siebert (2013): Institutional Change in Natural Resource Management: The Case of Osmansagar-Himayatsagar and the G.O. No. 111 (M.Sc.)

Julian Reimann (2012): Public Spaces in Transition: Field Studies in Hyderabad and Istanbul in the Context of the European City (MA)

Felix Bostel (2012): Validierung und Kalibrierung von remote-sensing basierten Temperatur- und Siedlungsstrukturdaten für die urbane Agglomeration Hyderabad/Indien (B.Sc., University of Freiburg)

Emma Bäck (2012): A Vicious Cycle of Inequality in Access to Water. An Analysis of Water Distribution to Urban Slums in a Megacity (M.Sc., Lund University, Sweden)

Lutz Barenhoff (2011): Urban rainwater harvesting in Hyderabad: An option to overcome the water crisis of a megacity of tomorrow? (M.Sc.)

Robin Kellermann (2011): Die Hyderabad-Flyovers: Hochstraßen seit den 1990er Jahren als Artefakte der Megacity-Bildung (M.Sc.)

Manuel Benteler (2011): Translokal? MigrantInnen in Hyderabad (Indien) (Diploma Thesis)

Jakob Höhne (2011): Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Domestic Energy Efficiency Improvements. Empirical results and policy implications for Hyderabad (India) (M.Sc.)

Samira El Allam and Elisabeth Weise (2011): Measuring the acceptance of LPG-cookers in the Slums of Hyderabad (Study Project)

Enno Mewes (2011): Traditional Versus Modern Food Retail in Hyderabad: A Comparitive Value Chain Analysis from a Sustainability Perspective (M.Sc.)

Elise Grubits
(2010): Water demand scenario for the upcoming Mega City of  Hyderabad (India): A qualitative study on changing water consumption patterns among urban middle classes from an institutional perspective. (M.Sc.)

Gernot Kist
(2010): Risiken der Ernährungssicherung verwundbarer Haushalte in der Megastadt Hyderabad (MA)

Alva Bonaker (2010): Between city and village: Rural-urban linkages in the broader region of Hyderabad (M.Sc.)

Jenny Haberer (2010): Analysis of communication methods in school-education on environmental awareness and low-emission lifestyles (M.Sc.)

Saira Alam (2010): Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation als Teil der externen Unternehmenskommunikation von in Indien ansässigen Unternehmen der Solarenergiebranche (MA)

Sophia Opperskalski
(2010): Cooperatives and Self-help Organisations and their Potential Role for Poverty Alleviation and Food Security in the Emerging Megacity Hyderabad, India (Study Project)

Anika Johnsdorf (2009): Der traditionelle Lebensmitteleinzelhandel im sich wandelnden urbanen Nahrungssystem Indiens: Stationäre Kleinhändler in Hyderabad (MA)

Marlies Wipper (2008): Urban Street Food Vendors in the Food Provisioning System of Hyderabad (MA)