First Urban Community Radio in Hyderabad coming soon

From Oct. 2nd to 4th representatives of the Community Radio Group and the nexus team presented the idea of the radio as communication tool for the community at the “Elders Mela“ (Fair for Senior Citizens) in Hyderabad. Lively conversations and promising feedback showed a great interest of the citizens and their readiness to participate in this new communication tool.

Nexus Institute (Berlin) and members of SCOTRWA (Standing Committee of Tarnakas Residents' Welfare Associations) initiated this project and the Community Radio Group with the aim to create a platform for exchange of information and discussion of topics relevant to the citizens. The project is supported by the nexus Institute under the “Sustainable Hyderabad” project and is intended as tool for citizens’ empowerment as well as instrument for raising environmental awareness among the community.

The programme that will be broadcasted in a radius of 10 km from the SCOTRWA-office in Tarnaka is also meant to offer a means for enhanced communication ways regarding organisational coordination of existing programmes and events.

As we have just come to know, the Community Radio has now got a frequency (90.8) allotted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) and can now expect to get the final licence for broadcasting by the end of the year 2012. Major effort is now put into the creation of content with highest possible inclusion of the citizens and training of the volunteers as well as the staff who will run the station. We hope that the first Community Radio in Hyderabad can go on air soon!

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