Research Concepts

The project concept is concerned with mitigation achieved through
(a) accounting via a consumption- oriented analysis of greenhouse gas emissions (diet, traffic and transport etc.), considering the central aspects of lifestyle changes and aiming at the implementation of measures for emission abatement and
(b) concepts, regulatory studies, policy learning and governance reforms in infrastructure sectors, such as energy, transport and water; assessment and dissemination of energyefficient technologies in energy-intensive industries, housing, waste and water management.

To evolve adaptation measures for climate change, a comprehensive study of its potential impacts will be conducted for Hyderabad and its peri-urban regions, which would be the first such attempt for a megacity in Asia. This study will also focus on rural-urban linkages, which Hyderabad needs urgently to cope with key challenges posed by its growth applied to areas such as energy security, environmental and water management and the designing of measures for transition towards sustainability.